Tenemos el privilegio de poder contar con el apoyo de fabricantes que constituyen un complemento perfecto en cualquier solución energética, brindan una gran variedad de componentes y equipos, lo cual nos permite cubrir la gama completa en una instalación eléctrica:

Energy Efficiency : Very often customers are confusing the term energy efficiency with the installation of renewable energy, sometimes with very high investment costs . In Calmago, have preferred focus on the task of support clients with energy efficiency studies to help them understand their facilities, show them the points of excessive or unnecessary use of energy , through a structured measurement, monitoring and control approach, providing solutions for more consumers and inefficient components, in short, optimize your installation as a prelude to a proposal by renewable energy generation.

Medium voltage switchgear : New facilities or modifications for use in substations and industries, with fixed or removable switches, vacuum, SF6 , isolators, contactors, etc., for motor starters, transformers protection...

Low Voltage Electrical Panels : We have a great team dedicated to design and manufacture of electrical panels , General distribution panels, lighting panels , Strength , Control, CCM, functional or Universal Systems that allow us to meet any customer needs.

Accessories Trunking and electrical components : Several families of products with more than 4000 items that complement any electrical installation.

We offer a total solution to any